VeloMedia is a micro-multinational of distributed offices, with diverse talent across the globe under one combined workflow. VeloMedia provides both regional and international scalability that allows for an array of vantage points to best serve our clients’ needs. We team with full-service PR firms and their clients, plus internal marketing and IT departments..

Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite is recognized as a pioneer in WordPress development that stays continually ahead of the current trends within the space. A leader in the WordPress community, Crowd Favorite provides consulting and web development services specializing in WordPress, web applications, Open Source software and user experience design, as well as building web-based applications as products. Crowd Favorite maintains its unique blend of delivery of top-quality development/products with its established high-performing culture to expand its reach and provide ongoing opportunities for existing and future team members.


Forty is a premier, user experience-focused design firm that prides itself on having built a reputation as a design company that focuses its consulting, designing and training efforts towards problem-solving rather than “pretty making.” Over the last several years, Forty has developed deep relationships with a long list of clients who have come to trust their expertise, workflow process, and design solutions due to their high regard for integrity, honesty, and focus on deep design.


Velodea is a full-service digital agency delivering integrated marketing campaigns and interactive web development specializing in Microsofts .NET framework . Current clients include major consumer brands, global ad agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. Professionals from brand marketing, media technology, and strategic planning, combined with talented designers and technical developers, represent a core team geared for rapid response – with a mature approach to service quality clients expect from seasoned leadership.